The Egg Factory "Eggsmas' Christmas Fair

Knitwear Collection

For two consecutive years we've attended the local and fabulous Egg Factory, 'Eggsmas' Christmas fair in Hebden Bridge. The event brings together a diverse range of local designers and makers, many of whom use the The Egg Factories creative co-working space, as a base for making and connecting with other creative professionals. As well as selling our sustainable knitwear range at the event (and always eager to reduce landfill waste) we recycled our discarded knitwear cutoffs as a repurposed Christmas decoration activity. 

The Egg Factory, Eggsmas Christmas Fair

To make the decoration you'll need:

  • 40cm length of flexible wire
  • Wire cutters, scissors,
  • Scraps of thread/wool (shimmer threads are great!)

Bend the wire to form a hoop and secure the ends by twisting together. Attach the wool/threads by knotting onto the hoop. Trim as required and add a length of thread for hanging. 

RE-considered Christmas Fair

The first Christmas Fair we attended was a welcome invite from a fellow School of Social Entrepreneurs organisation, RE-considered With a passion for rethinking materials in recycled products and projects, RE-considered hold an annual event in their locality of Bradford, bringing together a diverse range of projects with shared values for positive environmental change.  Alongside Bradford Scrap, Re-considered's own delicious, food waste cafe and Plenty Preserves, was also running their popular clothes swap event. Eager to support the community event and its ethos, we set up our stand and began some festive up-cycling. Below are few of the star makers, all first time machinists with bundles of enthusiasm and an eye for a cool Christmas Jumper and sparkly appliqué.